Our Sacred Foods Project

Our Sacred Foods Project is a community food sovereignty initiative brought to you by Wicoie Nandagikendan, Bdote Learning center, Dream of Wild Health (DWH), The Indigenous Food Network (IFN), The Family Partnership, Minneapolis American Indian Center (MAIC), and Gathering’s Cafe. Funded by The Minnesota Department of Health.

Our goal with Our Sacred Foods Project is maintaining traditional Indigenous cooking and foods. Which includes teaching children and community how to grow, nurture and harvest (MN) native plants, and providing recipes to families that include these native plants but exclude ingredients our ancestors did not have post-colonization.

Our Garden is located on 17th ave S, between E 24th and 25th street.

Gardens: Reconnecting urban families with traditional foods.

Gardens are located at:
East Phillips Improvement Coalition Garden, Little Earth Farms, JD River’s Children’s Garden, Dream Of Wild Health.

Make sure to check our calendar of events to stay updated on Garden activities in your neighborhood, and our News section to find recipes!

Digging Sunchokes in the Garden.